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Indoor Air Quality Solutions, Inc. (IAQ), is a leading air-quality provider serving the Tri-State Area.

IAQ specializes in air-duct cleaning and sanitizing, microbial remediation services, HVAC inspections, internal insulation removal, specialized cleaning, and water damage restoration for commercial properties.

IAQ services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, allowing jobs to be completed with minimum disruption to a client's business, staff, and customers.

We are certified members of the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. We were among the first members of NADCA. Hiring a certified NADCA member is your best assurance that the company you hire has the highest professional standards.

IAQ provides our clients with a comprehensive service that leaves them breathing the cleanest, safest air possible. With our professional staff and state-of-the-art equipment, IAQ is qualified to provide quality service and expertise unmatched by any other air conveyance systems specialists in the Tri-State Area.


Do You Know?

  1. Do you know the extent of the impact of indoor air pollution on Americans?
    Indoor air pollution costs Americans tens of billions of dollars a year in medical expenses and lost productivity.

  2. Do you know what effects sick buildings have on most workers and their employers?
    Sick buildings reduce worker productivity and leave the owner and/or employer liable for creating health risks.

  3. Do you know if you are taking the right precautions to keep your building healthy?
    Call IAQ for air sampling and test analysis.

  4. Do you know if your air-conveyance system is performing to its maximum efforts?
    Call IAQ for complete indoor air consulting.

  5. Do you know that a dirty system raises energy costs?
    Call IAQ for duct cleaning and related services.

  6. Do you know that a well-maintained mechanical component lasts longer, reducing maintenance and replacement costs?
    Call IAQ for complete maintenance services.

Licensed Plumber #P-790
Rockland HIC License #18-1360-00-004
Westchester HIC License #6513-H95

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